Environmental Graduate Funding Update – 34 Assistantships

Below find the latest graduate assistantships and other funding opportunities posted across the web in the last week in ecology, conservation and related environmental fields.


Master’s Opportunities

MS Position: Fire Ecology of Oak and Pine Forests
Auburn University | Auburn, AL
Program: Forestry – MS
Conduct extensive field research investigating the influence of fire on upland oak and pine forest regeneration. Understand the consequences of forest compositional shifts on resource availability and forest flammability at a variety of sites across the southeast.

MS Assistantship: Stream Fish Ecology
University of Central Arkansas 
| Conway, AR
Program: Biology – MS
Study variation in fish assemblages across Gulf Coastal Plains streams in Arkansas in relation to land use.

MS Position: Tree Root Research for Improving Green Tree Reservoir Management
University of Arkansas Monticello 
| Monticello, AR
Program: Forest Resources – MS
Conduct field and controlled environment studies to better understand the interactive effects of temperature, flood, and dormancy on oak root physiology.

MS Research Assistantship: Minnow Population Genomics
Southern Illinois University | Carbondale, IL
Program: Zoology – MS
Analyze Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) genotypes for the conservation of chubs (Macrhybopsis spp.).

MS Research Assistant: Wetland Macroinvertebrates
Emporia State University
| Emporia, Kansas
Program: Biology – MS
Investigate the effects of various wetland management practices on macroinvertebrate community dynamics.

MS Teaching Assistantships (3): Marine and Environmental Biology
Nicholls State University | Thibodaux, Louisiana
Program: Marine & Environmental Biology – MS
1. Conduct water quality surveys and monitor for the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in the public boat launches of southeast Louisiana.
2. Monitor of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in the migratory birds in southeast Louisiana.
3. Conduct laboratory and field research on an NSF funded functional genomics and husbandry project using spotted gar.

MS Graduate Assistantship: Assessing the Distribution and Abundance of Bridle Shiner
University of Maine 
| Orono, ME
Program: Wildlife Ecology – MS
Incorporate historic data, standard field surveys and the use of environmental DNA to assess current distributions of the Bridle Shiner, a special concern species in Maine.

MS Position: Lake Sturgeon Ecology
University of Toledo | Toledo, OH
Program: Biology – MS
Leverage the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry System (GLATOS) to address questions related to Lake Sturgeon ecology through analysis of telemetry data.

MS Position: Tropical Community Ecology
Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK
Program: Plant Biology – MS
Develop an independent research project around:
1. Effects of enemies (herbivores, pathogens, etc.) and mutualists on plant communities.
2. Effects of altered climate on species interaction and coexistence
3. Roles played by enemies and mutualists along succession.
4. Coexistence theory.

MS Research Assistant: Fisheries
Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK
Program: Natural Resource Ecology and Management – MS
Investigate Striped Bass and Catastomid populations in river and reservoir habitats and hydroacoustic assessment of forage in reservoirs.

MS Assistantship: Ecology & Conservation of Freshwater Mussels
Clemson University | Clemson, SC
Program: Wildlife & Fisheries Biology – MS
Address questions related to the ecology and recovery of the federally endangered Carolina Heelsplitter mussel in South Carolina.

MS Graduate Assistantship: Fisheries Ecology 
Texas Tech University | Lubbock, TX
Program: Wildlife, Aquatic & Wildlands Science & Management – MS
Conduct a population assessment of invasive Bigheaded carps (Bighead carp, Silver carp) in the Sulphur River as it flows through Texas and Arkansas.

MS Teaching Assistantships: Conservation, Data Science, and Genomics
William & Mary | Williamsburg, VA
Program: Biology – MS
Topics can be chosen around molecular genetics, biomath and ecology, and should explore the research interests of current faculty.

Masters & Doctorate

MS or PhD Positions: Influence of Dams on Riverine Fish Populations
Auburn University | Auburn, AL
Program: Fisheries – MS
Study the effects of large lock-and-dam systems on riverine fishes, potential for fish to pass structures using spillways and lock chambers, use of hard part microchemistry and stable isotope analysis to study natal origins and fish movement as a response to the presence of dams, and laboratory study of fishes in response to effects of dams.

MS and PhD Graduate Student Positions: Aquatic/Fisheries Ecology
Ohio State University | Columbus, OH
Program: Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology – MS, PhD
1. Study the ecology of Lake Erie yellow perch.
2. Study the ecology of blue catfish and channel catfish in Ohio reservoirs.
3. Study the impact of cyanobacteria blooms and hypoxia on Lake Erie’s food webs.

MS and PhD Positions: Water Quality and Carbon Cycling in Freshwaters
Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN
Program: Forestry & Natural Resources – MS, PhD
Research opportunities include:
1. Apply national networks of in situ water sensors (including NEON and USGS) to model microbial and photo-oxidation of organic matter.
2. Use sensor networks to model and predict water quality in midwestern lakes at risk for eutrophication.
3. Understand landscape controls on methane production using high-resolution LiDAR and bathymetry.

MS or PhD Assistantship: Gizzard Shad Sampling in Reservoirs
Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK
Program: Natural Resource Ecology & Management – MS, PhD
Develop protocol for sampling gizzard shad with hydroacoustics and trawls in large highland reservoirs.


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Doctorate Opportunities

PhD Position: Plant Ecology
University of California Davis | Davis, CA
Program: Plant Biology – PhD
Develop drought strategies of herbaceous species in California grassland systems.

PhD Assistantship for Fisheries Population Dynamics
Florida International University | Miami, FL
Program: Biology – PhD
Develop quantitative modeling approaches to assess and predict fisheries population dynamics for spiny lobsters and red snappers.

PhD Position: Ecological/ Evolutionary Plant Physiology
Florida International University | Miami, FL
Program: Biology – PhD
1. the effects of genome size-cell size allometry on plant structure, function, and evolution.
2. the physiological dimensions of floral evolution.
3. speciation of the desert genus Encelia (Asteraceae)

PhD Research Assistantship: Fire Ecology
University of Idaho | Moscow, ID
Program: Natural Resources – PhD
Evaluate the effectiveness of fuel breaks in mitigating size and risk of damaging wildfires and the fuel break ecological impacts in sagebrush steppe ecosystems.

MS or PhD Assistant Positions (3): Invasion Ecology
Southern Illinois University | Carbondale, IL
Program: Zoology – MS, PhD
1. Fish movement including novel analysis techniques for telemetry data.
2. Invasion ecology including the impacts and management of invasions.
3. Socioeconomic/ecological factors underlying the establishment and control of aquatic species invasions.

PhD Positions: Fish and Aquatic Ecology
Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN
Program: Forestry and Natural Resources – PhD
Address important management issues in the Great Lakes (e.g., ecological effects of eutrophication, climate change impacts on larval fish dispersal and hypoxia influences on fish distributions and movement patterns).

PhD Positions: Tree Functional Ecology, Life History Tradeoffs, Demography and Community Ecology
University of Notre Dame | Notre Dame, IN
Program: Biological Sciences – PhD
Research on North American tree biology and/or Asian subtropical or tropical forests.

PhD Positions: Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
University of Louisville | KY
Program: Biology – PhD
Study how populations of Rhagoletis flies and Ambystomatid salamanders respond and their consequences for community interactions vary across time and space.

Phd Position: Community Ecology and Species Coexistence
University of Maryland Baltimore County | Baltimore, MD
Program: Geography & Environmental Systems – PhD
Understand the role of native plant biodiversity in enhancing ecosystem services on urban vacant land.

PhD Research Assistantships: Aquatic Ecology
University of Mississippi | Oxford, MS
Program: Biological Sciences – PhD
Research the interface between community, behavioral, and evolutionary ecology in freshwater systems, or at the freshwater/terrestrial interface, as well as participate in ongoing projects.


PhD Position: Fishes in the Warming Gulf of Maine
University of New Hampshire | Durham, NH
Program: Biological Sciences – PhD
investigate how diets of predators have shifted over the past several decades. This information, along with climate change models, will be integrated to understand how predator-prey relationships may continue to change in the future.

PhD Graduate Assistantship: Quantitative Fisheries Science
Cornell University | Ithaca, NY
Program: Natural Resources – PhD
Investigate mechanisms underlying changing fish community dynamics in temperate lakes.

PhD Graduate Research Assistantship: Recovery and Restoration Strategies for Steelhead in California’s Central Valley
Oregon State University | Corvallis, OR
Program: Fisheries Science – PhD
Conduct a multi-year research project developing quantitative tools to assist managers in constructing recovery and restoration strategies for Steelhead in California’s Central Valley.

PhD Positions: Investigate Continental Patterns of Riverine Fish Invasions
Clemson University | Clemson, SC
Program: Wildlife & Fisheries Biology – PhD
Perform observational field studies, experiments, and modeling of large datasets to investigate community ecology and fish conservation.

PhD Positions (2): Stream Fish Invasion Ecology
Clemson University & Louisiana State University | Clemson, SC & Baton Rouge, LA
Program: Oceanography & Coastal Sciences – PhD
Investigate continental patterns of riverine fish invasions.

PhD Assistantship: Assessing Effects of BMPs and Land Use in the Chesapeake Bay Basin on Stream Fishes
Virginia Tech | Blackburg, VA
Program: Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences – PhD
Participate in an innovative multi-scale assessment of the effectiveness of widely implemented BMPs in improving physical, chemical, and biotic conditions in streams of the Chesapeake Bay basin.

PhD Positions (5): Social-Ecological Dynamics of Fisheries
Virginia Tech & Indiana University Bloomington | Blacksburg, VA & Bloomington, IN
Program: Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences – PhD
Focus on arapaima fisheries in the Brazilian Amazon including, habitat effects on arapaima movement, effects of fishers’ perceptions on rule compliance in light of community culture, leadership, and institutional arrangements, effects of markets, institutions, and government rules on arapaima management, and effects of habitat and rule compliance on the dynamics of arapaima populations.


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