Environmental Graduate Funding Update – 24 Assistantships

Below find the latest graduate assistantships and other funding opportunities posted across the web in the last week in ecology, conservation and related environmental fields.

Master’s Opportunities

MSc Position: Work on Marine Habitat Mapping
Memorial University of Newfoundland | St. John’s, Canada
Program: Marine Biology – MS
Mapping the distribution and abundance of key marine benthic habitats in coastal Newfoundland and Labrador.

MS Position: Conservation Physiology of Invasive Fish
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Champaign, IL
Program: Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences – MS
Define the role of aquatic pollutants at deterring the upstream movement of invasive Bigheaded Carp in the Illinois River.

MS Student: Wetlands Restoration Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Louisiana State University | Baton Rouge, LA
Program: Renewable Natural Resources – MS 
Evaluate factors affecting vegetation establishment on the lake and to test revegetation techniques. In addition, the student would participate on an interdisciplinary team addressing broader issues related to lake restoration.

Graduate Position: Aquatic Ecology
Ohio State University | Columbus, OH
Program: Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology – MS
Examines linkages among watershed land use, reservoir age, hypoxia, and sport fish recruitment in Ohio reservoirs.

MS Graduate Assistantship: Ecology and Management of Whitebrush (Aloysia gratissima)
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
| Kingsville, TX
Program: Range & Wildlife Management – MS
Conduct research on whitebrush management and control in experimental field settings throughout private rangelands of Texas.

MS Research Assistantship: Thornforest Restoration and Seedling Ecophysiology
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley | Edinburg, TX
Program: Ocean, Coastal, & Earth Science – MS
Participate in a seedling conditioning study aimed at enhancing thornforest seedling field performance and restoration success.

MS Graduate Position: Climate Change Resilience to Drought
University of Wyoming
| Laramie, WY
Program: Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Management – MS
Focus on understanding rancher perception of and response to drought.


MS Position: Wind Facilities and Insects
University of Wyoming | Laramie, WY
Program: Zoology & Physiology – MS
Review literature about the state of knowledge on wind energy and insects.

Master’s & Doctorate

MS or PhD Research Assistantship(s)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Champaign, IL
Program: Biology – MS
1. Quantify the role of pollutants in preventing the upstream spread of Bigheaded carp in the Illinois River.
2. Improve fish care during fishing tournaments.

MS or PhD Student Position: Pollinator Molecular Ecology
University of Maryland | College Park, MD
Program: Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences – MS
Study pollinator health, specifically pollinator foraging, landscape ecology and floral resource competition between wild and managed bee species.

MS or PhD Position: Forest Ecology and Ecohydrology
Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK
Program: Natural Resource Ecology & Management – MS
Study the impact of different land use and vegetation change on ecosystem carbon dynamics and water use within the grassland and forest transition zone – the Cross-timbers of the south-central Great Plains.

Doctorate Opportunities

PhD Position: Scaling of Ecological Trade-Offs
Concordia University
| Montreal, Canada
Program: Biology – PhD
Work on the scaling of ecological trade-offs across traits and spatial scales. Biological trade-offs are omnipresent in nature and form the basis of understanding how species are distributed and co-exist across ecological communities.

PhDPosition: Genetics and Evolution of Plant Secondary Metabolism
University of Central Florida | Orlando, FL
Program: Integrative & Conservation Biology – PhD
Study the genetics and evolution of plant secondary metabolism in crop and wild sunflowers.

PhD Positions (2): Tree Ecophysiology 
Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg
| Würzburg, GERMANY
Program: Biological Sciences – PhD
Characterize the drought-stress resistance of temperate tree species by plant hydraulic and dendroecological techniques. 

PhD Position: Plant Trait Ecology of Tundra Ecosystems
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Champaign, IL
Program: Biology – PhD
Be part of an exciting collaborative team developing capacity for the remote estimation of aboveground and belowground plant functional traits and streamlining their inclusion in process models to quantify and predict regional carbon balance.

PhD Assistantship: Ecological and Evolutionary Informatics 
University of Maine | Orono, ME
Program: Ecology & Environmental Sciences – PhD
Work on quantitative modeling and analysis of ecological and evolutionary processes, often making use of newly available biodiversity data produced through next generation sequencing approaches.

PhD Assistantship: Identifying and Prioritizing Habitat for Pheasant Conservation and Management
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
| Lincoln, NE
Program: Biological Sciences – PhD
Study upland game bird ecology and management, determine minimum habitat thresholds and configurations necessary to support pheasant populations.

PhD Assistantship: Identifying and Prioritizing Habitat for Pheasant Conservation and Management
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
|Lincoln, NE
Natural Resource Sciences – PhD
Conduct interdisciplinary research on wildlife ecology, spatial science and conservation.

PhD Position: Forest Ecology of the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem
Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH
Program: Ecology, Evolution, Environment & Society – PhD
Design and conduct original research on biota of the Hubbard Brook Forest as part of the NSF-sponsored Long Term Ecological Research project. 


PhD Position: Hydrology/Earth Science
University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA
Program: Geology & Environmental Science – PhD
Study global patterns and drivers of suspended sediment in rivers using satellite remote sensing. Use satellite remote sensing to examine water quality in rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

PhD Graduate Studentship: Floating Treatment Wetlands
University of South Carolina | Columbia, SC
Program: Marine Science – PhD
Work to advance the science and engineering of floating treatment wetlands (FTWs). Specifically water quality influences, habitat value, microbial community composition, and plant species suitability of various FTW configurations across nutrient and salinity gradients.

Graduate Assistant
Baylor University | Waco, TX
Program: Environmental Science – PhD
Engage in interdisciplinary research projects concerning air and water quality, climate change, environmental toxicology and chemistry, risk assessment, applied ecology, and environmental management. 

PhD Position: Landscape Ecology and Fire
Texas Tech University | Lubbock, TX
Program: Wildlife, Aquatic, & Wildlands Science & Management – PhD
Help mentor undergraduate cohorts through The Bridge Adventure Program. Serve in a leadership role in the program while earning a doctoral degree in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management.

PhD Position: Fish Ecophysiology
The University of Texas at Austin | Austin, TX
Program: Marine Science – PhD
Study respiratory plasticity in marine fish following exposure to prolonged environmental hypoxia.

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